The SOON Bag was conceptualized by David Yi and came to fruition through a partnership with myself, allowing us to collectively design the bag, curate the products ourselves, and incorporate our own valuable partnerships. We brought on Tim and Dan of the CFDA Incubator accessories brand Haerfest to create the multifunctional bag itself. As all Korean Americans, we sought out a product that spoke to our shared mission of inclusiveness -- a beauty bag for travelers, for all genders, and for those passionate about ethical consumption.

Wrapped neatly inside the vegan-leather pockets of the SOON bag are more vegan products from our partners at Herbivore, Youth to the People, Ouai, and Farmacy. David and I are friends, and especially enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate in marketing, press, distribution and sales, launch event coordination, and producing the campaign for a dopp kit that fits any traveler’s needs, and which also represents the things that drive us both: partnership, stylish yet accessible design, and versatility. The SOON Bag was premiered at a preview launch event hosted by Assemblage as well as our Kare Package Night Market, and officially launches at Opening Ceremony on January 25th, 2019.

—NEW YORK, November 2019

Partnered with Very Good Light and Haerfest

Available at Opening Ceremony on January 25th, 2019.
Beauty Brand Partners Youth to the People Herbivore Farmacy Ouai
Event Partner Assemblage

Cover Photo by Melissa Chu
Event photos by Matthew Kelly